christian angst

Cartooning In The Time Of Zines

APR was the first national publication to give Christian Angst an audience. I stumbled across the magazine one afternoon while perusing a bookstore in Boulder, Colorado and immediately emotionally connected with it. Self-labled as a guide beyond the mainstream, editor Jason McQuinn quarterly – for the most part – reprinted what he deemed to be the best from the alternative press and zine world, often times with an admitted libertarian and anarchist bent. In my usual “what do I have to lose” attitude at the time I mailed him a collection of strips and the result was a twelve year relationship that gave the comic more exposure than I ever imagined possible. You can certainly see the evolution of the strip as the years went by, as my access to technology and clipart increased. APR eventually succumbed to the pressures of the internet and the growing costs associated with print media, but I will always value and appreciate the generous time and space Christian Angst was afforded in its pages.

Winter 1994
Spring/Summer 1994
Fall 1994
Winter 1995
Summer 1995
Winter 1996
Spring/Summer 1998
Spring/Summer 1999
Spring 2000
My first full color back cover!
Fall 2000
Spring 2001
Summer 2001
Spring 2002
Spring 2003
Spring 2005
Summer 2005
The Spring 2006 issue was the final time my work would appear in APR. Not a bad way to out, as it included an interview I conducted with the late great John Taylor Gatto in a magazine I briefly published called The Working Stiff Review. Christian Angst was also transitioning to Protestant Blues. APR would cease publication shortly thereafter. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

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